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We are really excited to have Anne deliver CPD with us on: How much can therapy help clients who want to make 'better' relationship choices, Saturday 2nd June 2018. We caught up with her to discuss her background, research and hopes for her training day with Wimbledon Guild Counselling.

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Catherine Knibbs Msc is an Author, Researcher and trauma therapist .She is CEO and Director of PEER Support Yorkshire CIC and is the only Cyber-trauma researcher, consultant and public speaker in the United Kingdom. Catherine has interests in the phenomena of cyber related compassion as an antithesis to cybertrauma such as the phenomena of cyberbullying.

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On Saturday 28th October Maya Campbell will be running CPD with Wimbledon Guid Counselling Training on Mindfulness In The Therapeutic Relationship

We chatted to Maya about her practise both personal and professional and her hopes for her training day with us. 

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