Wimbledon Guild

Support from the heart of the community

Wimbledon Guild is your local charity

Working in the borough of Merton, we support local people through talking therapies to promote good mental wellbeing, helping in times of financial distress and living well through old age.

At Guild house we run a variety of activities for older people to meet their personal and emotional aspirations and fun events in our HomeFood café. We offer Talking Therapies including individual counselling, group and family therapy. Our consellors are mainly volunteers and help people who are feeling distressed by difficult events in their lives or have a mental health problem.


Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training


As part of Wimbledon Guild counselling service, the Counselling Training Team have been running seminars, conferences and workshops for 16 years.

We provide an annual series of innovative, challenging and inspiring CPD events for counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists. Through our events we present new ideas in thinking, research and theory to help deepen understanding of the mind and help practitioners offer best practice and increased confidence in skills and knowledge.

Our aim is to encourage interdisciplinary discussions between different schools of thought, by inviting some of the most experienced speakers to contribute on range of multi-modal concepts and latest developments in theory and research.

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New for 2018: Conferences/ Workshops on Adoption & Attachment, Bereavement Counselling, Eating Disorders, CBT, Cybertrauma, Existential therapy and Addiction. 

Speakers include: Christiane Sanderson, Linda Cundy, Graham Music, Ernesto Spinelli, Maxine Aston, Jeff Lane, Maya Campbell, Anne Power, Julia Dennington, Catherine Knibbs and Veronica Gioscia.


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About Us

Since 1907, The Wimbledon Guild has provided a range of services to support local people of all ages.

Today our wide-ranging services are available at little or no cost to people who live or work in Merton. We are currently providing more services to more people than at any other time in our history. Many local people experiencing financial, material and emotional hardship are unable to get the support they need anywhere else.