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Silence Lends Integrity to Speech: transcending the opposites of speech and silence in the analytic dialogue

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Anna Bravesmith

Saturday 6 May 2017 10:00 – 16:00

Drake House, 44 St Georges Road, London SW19 4ED

Workshop cost: £120/ 10% discount for Wimbledon Guild counsellors/ Early-bird discount of 15% available until 29 January 2017

The Workshop:

In this presentation the interplay between silence and the spoken words used by analyst and patient will be explored within the context of clinical practice. Both psychotherapist and patient, it is argued, are engaged in a personal struggle to try to discover an integrative connection between silence, often experienced as nothingness, and speech, often experienced as suffocating or mendacious. Anna discusses a more complementary relationship between them in the spirit of Sontag’s observation that there is:

Still another use for silence: furnishing or aiding speech to attain its maximum integrity or seriousness. ( Susan Sontag,1966, p.20)

The uses of silence in aiding speech to attain integrity will be described with reference to two clinical vignettes and participants will be invited to bring their own examples of relevant clinical work. It will be argued that a Jungian perspective contributes a further, unique, insight through the concept of ‘transcendent function’ in which silence and speech are seen as opposites out of which new levels of meaning arise.

Plan for the day:
The morning will consist of theoretical input and large group discussion and the afternoon will consist of experiential work in small groups. Please bring your own examples of working with silence, or with patients who talk continuously, or any other variations on this theme.

The Trainer:

Anna Bravesmith is a Jungian analyst and member of the Society of Analytical Psychology, supervisor, supervisor of supervision, trainer and Training Clinical Coordinator at SAP. She also worked in NHS for 18 years, has published several papers and has a private practice.

Address for correspondence: 59, Holmesdale Road, Highgate, London N6 5TH

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