Shame and it’s relation to Envy, Aggression and Rage

Diane O’Callaghan, psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Saturday 2 July 2016 Half day event 10:00 – 13:30

Drake House, 44 St Georges Road, London SW19 4ED

Workshop cost: £55 / 10% discount for Wimbledon Guild counsellors

The Workshop:

The workshop will include showing excerpts from the film "The Talented Mr Ripley" directed by Anthony Minghella. Using the film the workshop will present thoughts concerning the sense of shame and envy being evoked and violently responded to by the main character.

There are many areas of shame to be explored and imagined here in relation to the experience of separateness and attachment, the associated questions of sexuality and difference, and the explosion of violence to rid the self of shame and individual identity.

The first half of the workshop will draw on psychoanalytic concepts and thinking to help to consider the experience of, and resistance to, separateness and individuation. During the workshop you will be able to consider the difference between experiencing the world and others as 'part objects' and 'whole objects' and how the inability to see others as 'whole objects' can lead to illness and uncontrolled violence towards self or others. The experience of envy and jealousy is a key component here and needs working through to change the situation internally.

In the film, the main character, Ripley does not have a sense of himself as a person in his own right who has a value and identity of his own. This makes him want to become someone else and results in an adhesive urge. In the second half of the workshop, using both client and film material aspects of shame, envy, aggression and rage will be explored.

As preparation for attending this workshop it would be helpful if participants could:

 Watch The Talented Mr Ripley prior to attending and make some notes on your thoughts in regard to the points raised above

 Please bring material from work with clients that is brought to mind by the subject(s) raised here.

The Trainer:

Diane O’Callaghan is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist having trained initially with AGIP and latterly with LCP (now part of BPF). Diane has worked in private practice for 25 years. Before this she worked for MIND Associations on initiatives concerning agoraphobia, counselling, and groupwork. Diane is based in south London where she see patients and offer supervision, as well as being a supervisor for WG. Diane has a particular interest in the area of shame as it is such a difficult area to work with and can be hidden in so many ways.