Attachment Trauma in Psychotherapy

Ruthie Smith, UKCP Reg. Attachment Based Psychoanalytic Therapist & Energy Therapist

Saturday 25 June 2016 10:00 – 16:00

Workshop cost: £110/ 10% discount for Wimbledon Guild counsellors/ Early-bird discount of 15% available until 8 January 2016

The Workshop:

An overview of attachment trauma and an introduction to using energy psychology methods within conventional talking therapy to release repetitive & dysfunctional attachment patterns

A primary issue for so many of our clients is their insecurity about attachment. This can manifest in so many ways – whether it be insecure or avoidant attachments, or painful re-enactments of traumatic abandonments which repeat and repeat leaving clients feeling empty and despairing of being loved. Attachment trauma has major implications for the client’s capacity for individuation, resulting in co- dependent relationships, fear of intimacy and attachment or fear of separation, and difficulties in having stable relationships. In addition, many clients have intransigent attachment patterns stretching back over many generations in their families.

Trauma is held as stress in the body and scientific research has now proven that these patterns go right back into our cellular memory and DNA. Consequently, psychotherapy is increasingly learning how important it is to include the body in treatment in order to access levels which talking therapy alone cannot get to. As Freud said, our first ego is first and foremost a bodily ego.

In addition to a presentation about attachment trauma and clinical examples which include the treatment of trans-generational attachment trauma, this experiential seminar offers an opportunity for clinicians to access deeper levels of work. Participants will have a taster in learning how to apply some simple but effective EP (Energy Psychology) techniques to facilitate the clearing of traumatic attachment patterns at a cellular level from the body. These are tools which you can start integrating in your work with clients straight away.

Please come prepared to treat some of your own attachment traumas. Personally experiencing these energy psychology (EP) tools to release traumatic attachment patterns opens the door to new ways of working

The Trainer:

Ruthie Smith is an Attachment Based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist who worked for 10 years as a Principal Individual Psychotherapist and Supervisor in the NHS, and prior to that, at the Women’s Therapy Centre. She teaches on a number of psychotherapy training programmes, including at the Bowlby Centre, the Minster Centre, the Converging Streams Energy Psychology courses, as well as teaching and supervising AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) in the UK and abroad. She has regularly presented at events organized by Confer, and works in private practice at The Flame Centre in London as a psychotherapist and supervisor. Her other passions include music (jazz and classical) and contemporary spirituality.

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