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Based 5 minutes from Wimbledon Station, we have been delivery psychotherapy counselling training for over 16 years. As part of the local charity, Wimbledon Guild, we have been helping people in the borough of Merton through talking therapies, helping in times of financial distress and living well through old age.

New for 2017: Conferences / Workshops on Avoidant Attachment, Contemporary Neurobiology, Attachment Trauma, Silence in Therapy, Creativity, CBT, the Transpersonal, Male Suicide, and Erotic Transference.

Speakers include: Linda Cundy, Maggie Turp, Anne Power, Dr Graham Music, Andrea Oskis, Margaret Wilkinson, Ruthie Smith, Veronica Gioscia, Paul Margrie, Sarah Van Gogh, and Anna Bravesmith.

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About Us

Since 1907, The Wimbledon Guild hasĀ provided a range of services to support local people of all ages.

Today our wide-ranging services are available at little or no cost to people who live or work in Merton. We are currently providing more services to more people than at any other time in our history. Many local people experiencing financial, material and emotional hardship are unable to get the support they need anywhere else.

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